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BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate and it is a number calculated based on a person’s age, gender, height & weight which is used to determine how many calories are burned by our body while at rest. In other words, it is the amount of calorie required by our body to live while a person is at rest.

BMR Calculator is provided at the end of this post. It is recommended to understand the concept of BMR before jumping to BMR calculator.

BMR Equation (Mifflin St.Jeor equation):

There are many equations available to calculate BMR but the most widely used equation is known as Mifflin St.Jeor equation. Please see below the equations;


Let me give an example to better understand the calculation. Person “X” is 32 year old, weighs 210 pounds and 6 feet tall (i.e. 72 inches), then the daily Kilo caloric requirement for “X” would be =  (4.54 x 210) + (15.88 x 72) – (5 x 32) + 5 = 1941 Kcal.

This is the approximate daily Kilocalorie requirement while at rest.

Check out the table below. This table enables calculation of an individual’s recommended daily kilocalorie intake to maintain current weight with different levels of physical activity.

BMR Physical Activity Level

For Example, if person “X” does light exercise (1-3 days per week) and if he would like to maintain the current weight, then his daily calorie intake should be his BMR multiplied by 1.375.

Earlier in this post, we have calculated “X’s” BMR as 1941 Kcal per day without any physical activity. Now with light exercise, his daily calorie intake needed would be= 1941 Kcal x 1.375 = 2668 Kcal Per day

Here is a simple calculator to help you calculate your BMR. Simply select the unit system, enter the age, gender, height & weight to calculate your BMR. You can also choose the activity level to see how many calories needed to maintain current weight.

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