Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight

Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight

All of us have lot of commitments on a daily basis and hence it has become very difficult to spend quality time at gym these days. Due to this, health related issues are increasing day by day. In this post, I have listed few simple life hacks which will help losing weight and tone body without having to step in to gym. These are simple changes in your life style which does not need much of your effort but still contributes to your weight loss. Interesting. Isn’t it? Read on to know more.

Please read the “MEDICAL DISCLAIMER” & “FITNESS & EXERCISE DISCLAIMER” before you proceed further.

Hack#1: Reduce Pop Consumption

Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight – Reduce Pop Consumption

A 240 ml soda can has 140 Kcal and 39 grams of sugar (equivalent to 10 spoons of sugar). According to a report released by “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” in August 2011, approximately one half of the US population consume sugar drink on any given day. On an average, 178Kcal per day from sugar drinks is consumed by a male while females consume 103 Kcal per day from sugar drinks.

This means that most of us consume 5 to 7 cans per week which totals to 7 * 140 = 980 Kcal in a week. Per month estimate is 3920 Kcal which is more than 1 pound of weight (3500 Kcal = 1 Pound of body weight). Over a period of 6 months, you would have gained close to 7 pounds just because of the sodas.

Now here is the hack. If you currently consume 7 cans per week, try to reduce it to 3 cans per week, later try to reduce it to 1 can per week. And in future try to eliminate consuming sweetened beverages altogether. At the end of 6 months you would realize you have reduced 3 to 4 pounds without going to Gym. Good luck..!

Hack#2: Drink Cold Water to Burn Calories

Drink Cold Water
Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight – Drink Cold Water

I’m not kidding. No. Not at all. Our body burns calories when we drink cold water. Read the definition of the term “Calorie” below. “Calorie is the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius.”

Our body burns approximately 10 Kcal per 240 ml of cold water. Per day we typically consume 1000 ml of water which means our body burns 42 Kcal everyday by just drinking cold water. Per week estimate is 294 Kcal and per month estimate 1176 Kcal.

So here is the hack. If you currently drink 1 liter of cold water per day, increase it to 2 liters of cold water per day. This means that you will lose more than 1 pounds in two month’s time. Good Luck..!


Hack#3: Eat Slowly

Eat Slowly
Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight – Eat Slowly

We tend to eat more when the food is tasty. This is simply because of the taste buds present in the tongue. Though stomach is full, the taste buds are not satisfied yet and hence signals brain to eat more.

Here is the hack. Eat slowly. Chew at least for 20 seconds each time before you swallow food. This way your taste buds will be satisfied sooner than normal and eventually you will not overeat. Good Luck..!

Hack#4: Cook at Home

Cook at Home
Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight – Cook at Home

According to “United States Healthful Food Council”, an average American adult buys a meal or snack from a restaurant 5.8 times a week and more than 30 percent of children eat fast food on any given day.

Restaurants mainly focus on taste of the food rather than quality and health aspects. There are many factors we forget to think before buying a meal from restaurants. Here are some of them.

  • How many calories are there in each meal bought from a restaurant?
  • What Oil was used to make the food?
  • Were the vegetables used fresh or frozen?
  • Was the food served prepared fresh or heated and served from yesterday’s remains?
  • More than all, Is the restaurants kitchen hygienic?

We do not know answer for any of these questions.

Here is the hack. Cook your food at home and reduce number of visits to restaurants. It is very difficult to assess how many pounds you will lose by this method. But I’m sure this will contribute for weight loss and make you healthy.

Hack#5: Avoid Elevators and Use Stairs

Avoid Steps and Use Stairs
Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight – Avoid Steps and Use Stairs

Most of us prefer elevators and escalators. But if we prefer steps, then it will contribute to weight loss. Yes. Climbing up 15 stairs approximately burns about 10 Kcal. Remember every small change in lifestyle will benefit.

Hack#6: Walk 3 Minutes for Every 1 Hour While Awake

Walk 3 Minutes for Every Hour While Awake
Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight – Walk 3 Minutes for Every Hour While Awake

In this fast paced world, we don’t get time even to walk. Don’t worry. Here is the hack. Try to do a brisk walk for 3 minutes for every one hour while you are awake. If you are at work, just and go walk around cabins, fill your water bottle and come back to your desk. If you are at home, just walk across the living room.

3 Minutes of walking for every one hour will not make you feel tired. Also at the end of day, you would have walked for 42 minutes in total (14 hrs * 3 min = 42). On an average, walking for 40 minutes will burn approximately a 200 Kcal (approximate estimate. Will vary for every individual). In one week you would have burned 1400 Kcal, and in a month you would have burned 5600 Kcal which is equivalent to 1.6 pounds. So keep walking whenever you get time. Good luck..!

Hack#7: Do Simple Bodyweight Exercises While Watching TV

Do Bodyweight Exercises While Watching TV
Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight – Do Bodyweight Exercises While Watching TV

Feeling bored while watching TV commercials? Then turn that 5 minutes to a quick workout routine. There are many simple workouts that you can do at home. Here are some of them;

  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • Lunges
  • Crunches
  • Bicep Curl (Dumbbells not needed use water bottles instead)

Just do 8 repetitions in each exercise and you would have burned a minimum of 30 Kcal in 5 minutes. Try doing bodyweight exercises when you get time. This helps toning your body and also supports weight loss.

Hack#8: Dance for Your Favorite Song

Dance for your Favorite Song
Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight – Dance for your Favorite Song

Love songs? It is time to dance for your favorite song. Don’t worry if you don’t know dancing. Our key is not to learn dance but to lose weight. So just dance whatever steps are comfortable for you. It is OK even if it is just moving few steps forward and backwards, everything counts. Dancing boosts your mood and make you feel energetic. So what are you waiting for, dance at least when you are alone. Good Luck..!

I hope these simple life hacks help you lose weight. If you like my post, please do share with your friends and provide feedback in the comments section. As usual, keep visiting my page as I’m always updating with cool stuffs. Thank you..! Happy weight loss..!


  1. Asen


    You describe some great tips.
    I am keen on healthy eating and I always try to pay attention how and what to eat (except on holidays maybe lol ).
    I never eat slowly though which as I see is a mistake.
    The part of the dancing on your favorite songs is my favorite. I will try to implement this steps as soon as possible.
    Thank you for the insightful advices

    • Mani

      Hello Asen, Thanks for the feedback. Sure, you can have cheat meal days (may be once in a month) when you can eat whatever you want. Cheat meal days help you fulfil your taste cravings and help focus back on the clean diet.

  2. Joy

    I think I need to write down your tips and re-read them every single day. Such simple things to accomplish. No need to over complicate health. When I get busy or stressed one of the first things I let go of is cooking at home, and instead start to rely on take out or pre-packaged meals. In no time at all I have no energy, am irritable, and feel even more stressed than before. Need to keep to these strategies every day. I love your advice to walk for 3 minutes of every awake hour. What a great goal!

    • Mani

      Hello Joy,

      Cooking at home comes with lot of advantages. It is absolutely healthy.You know what you are eating and you can choose what you want to eat. Thanks for the feedback and keep visiting my page.

  3. Linda

    Hi Mani,
    Thanks for these simple life hacks for losing weight. They’re not new but they are great reminders. Particularly at this time of year when we’re all resolving to mend our ways. Doing simple exercises while watching TV is really an excellent idea for fitting exercise into your day and routine.I’m going to commit to this. Thanks for the motivation!

    • Mani

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for the feedback. These life hacks don’t take much time to do and yet give fruitful results over a period of time.Wish you good luck with your new year’s resolution.



  4. kristine

    supper hints. my doctor told me about the cold water it works because the body has to raise the water temp so it can use it. I find the hint to walk for three minutes for every hour I am awake very good if I am awake 12 hours then I should walk for at least 36 minutes. these are thing that are easy to do.

    • Mani

      Hi Kristine,

      Walking helps not only to lose weight but also strengthen the bones and muscles and prevents many diseases. Thanks for the feedback.

      Mani Y

  5. Nikos

    Hello Mani,
    I try to live a healthy life although i don’t exercise much. But i have a healthy diet and i always use the stairs instead of the elevator. I didn’t know that about the cold water but it makes sense. Nice tips and they are very easy to follow them.

    • Mani

      Hello Nikos,

      Thanks for the feedback. Drinking plenty of water not only burns calories but flushes toxins out of the body and cleanses the internal organs. So it is better to replace sweetened soda’s with water for a healthy lifestyle.

      Mani Y

  6. Sharon

    All the tips you mentioned here are absolutely doable. It is so simple and easy to do. One tip that captured my attention was drinking cold water to burn calories. Who would have thought of this? Definitely not me. Thanks for sharing this.
    Eating tasty food slowly is a bit difficult to control if not impossible. But if I can shed some pounds doing this. Why not? Moreover, it is good for digestion too.


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